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Sunday 25th March - 10.30am, Palm Sunday liturgy of Palms and Eucharist for all three parishes at Edenham. 6.30pm, Readings & Music for Holy Week at Bourne Abbey Church.

Monday 26th March - 7.30pm, Eucharist, Stable Chapel.

Tuesday 27th March - 7.30pm, Eucharist, Stable Chapel, For Wholeness and Healing.

Wednesday 28th March - 7.30pm, Eucharist, Stable Chapel.

Maundy Thursday, 29th March - 7.30pm, Edenham Church watch in the Stable Chapel through the night.

Good Friday, 30th March - 9.00am, Morning Prayer, Stable Chapel, 10.30am The Way of the Cross, Family Service, 1.30pm, Good Friday Liturgy,

Holy Saturday, 31st March - Preparation for Sunday. 10-11.30am, Super Messy Saturday.

Easter Day, 1st April - 5.00am, Vigil, Edenham Vicarage, followed by breakfast, 8.45am, Parish Eucharist, Swinstead, 10.00am, Parish Eucharist, Witham, 11.15am, Parish Eucharist, Edenham, 4.30pm, Evening Prayer, Swinstead.

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