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Parish news 

The installation of the Chapel woodburner 

The Stable Chapel at Edenham was dedicated in June 1990 making this year it's silver jubilee. The Chapel in every respect remains the same and is overdue a reappraisal and refurbishment.


Last year The Rev'd Bob Macrill, an architect and friend of the house, met with Andy for an afternoon to reflect on the Chapel as a space for prayer and worship. They agreed that the main constraint on the use of the Chapel is keeping it warm in the winter. The Trustees agreed to install a log burner and then make a decision on further insulation and secondary glazing in light of our experience in the coming winter. The log burner has now been installed and feedback is welcome.


The Chapel refurbishment will include new furniture and new floor covering.

Stable Chapel Project


The Stable Chapel was dedicated by Bishop Robert Hardy on June 15th, 1990. The Chapel furniture, it's floor covering and structure is now 25 years old and requires improvement and renovation. To achieve this a fund has been set up, £20,000 is required to:


  • Fit a woodburning stove

  • modify the ceiling and insulate the roof

  • lay a floor covering with 'stone tiles'

  • fit secondary glazing

  • fit new lighting

  • acquire new furniture

  • modify some of the upper wooden walls to provide more insulation


We have already received a grant from the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrement of £500 to buy the new vestments.


Annonymous Donation


We have also in the last month acquired an anonymous donation of £2000 which we would very much like to acknowledge if the donor would please make themselves know.


You can help


Just by making a donation, setting up a regular gift or by offering to buy a specific item as a memorial or thanks, offering. Please contact us if you have any queries or even fundraising ideas.


Making a Start


In light of the recent donation, the Management Committee has authorised the purchase of a woodburning stove. As this was considered a priority to enable us to use the Chapel more during the cold winter months.




Learn to bell ring at Witham-on-the-Hill - Bell ringing practice every Tuesday except 1st Tuesday of the month. For further information ring Jane Clark on 01778 590232

As you will have heard – bells are a vital part of our village soundscape – calling all to worship and sending the praise of God into every nook and corner. If you would like to learn turn up on any Thursday at Edenham 7.30-pm – 9.15pm to be shown the ropes!



Edenham Church Guides - Next year we are offering guided tours of Edenham Church to Grimsthorpe Coach Parties, anyone interested in training to be one see Fr Andy


The Three Towers magazine - edited by Tom McWilliams.  Contact 01778 590647 or email   Deadline for copy is the 10th of the month. 

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